Ride in Style

Support The W everywhere you go with The W License Plate!

A New W tag now available for your vehicle

The W is rolling out a brand-new look for its specialty car tags, and all members of The Long Blue Line can have one.

What does it look like?

 The W License Plate




Why a new look?

The new design is bolder and more prominent, identifying The W immediately from a distance.  It also reflects the university’s new brand and provides an opportunity to share the brand—and your W pride-- wherever you go.

Do I have to replace my old tag?

No. You can continue to use your old W tag if you wish.  If you wish to replace your old W tag with the newly designed tag, you will be able to purchase one at your local tax collector’s office.  Tell your tax collector you want to change to the new tag, and the office will order one from the vendor.   

What is the cost?

The W specialty tag may be purchased for $51 beyond the assessed value of your current car/vehicle tag.  

Why should I get a W tag?

In addition to showing your pride in The Long Blue Line, you’ll support your university.  $31.50 of the purchase price returns to The W to support its programs.

For more information, see http://www.dor.ms.gov/mvl/SpecialtyTagFeeDistribution.html.
For a list of Mississippi specialty tags, see http://www.dor.ms.gov/mvl/availabletags.html.

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