Understanding the Past, Impacting the Future

History Programs

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Why History?

If you are interested in a major that broadly prepares you to engage a changing world, consider history. Offering courses on such diverse topics as Greco-Roman history, the World Wars and the Holocaust, and Women in America, faculty aim to bring history to life by examining the connections between social, political, cultural and economic history and proving that the study of history is truly an interdisciplinary endeavor.  History is the perfect major for students who seek to explore broad interests and who have an inquiring mind.


 Undergraduate Research

Perhaps most impressive is the history program’s commitment to undergraduate research. All history majors engage in original research through the Capstone course offered in the senior year, which means that at The W, history majors gain a hands-on encounter with the past. Whether it is nterviewing war veterans or working with student scrapbooks at The W archives, here you will experience what working historians experience.  Working in small classes and with one-on-one  faculty contact, you will  do history, not just study history


Program Options

The W's history major has the traditional goals of a liberal arts program: to help students to read, write, and think effectively and independently. History majors develop critical research, analysis, and communication skills that are widely applicable to a number of professions and careers. A history major is not only for those who want to become professional historians; many history majors become teachers, journalists, researchers, lawyers, just to name a few.  Along with teacher certification, history majors may choose to get a public history concentration.  The public history concentration prepares undergraduates for entry-level  jobs in museums, archives, and fields related to historical tourism.

Student portraying Joan of Arc at MSCW sometime in the early twentieth century.

W student portraying Joan of Arc sometime in the early twentieth century, MUW University Archives.

The program allows students to pursue the following options:

  •  B.A. in History·(124 total degree hours required)
  • B.A. in History with teacher certification in history & social studies (Class A) (124 total degree hours required)
  • B.A. in History with a public history concentration (124 total degree hours required)
  • Minor in History (24 total degree hours required)