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History with Public History Concentration

Why Public History?

Rotunda of the National Archives - Public Domain ImageIf you are interested in helping the public better understand the historical significance of the world around them, then a history major with a concentration in Public History might be just what you have been seeking. Public historians work in archives, museums, at national parks and monuments, and in historical tourism, where they develop and implement plans to share their particular historical resources with both academic researchers and the broader public. Completion of this degree will prepare students for entry-level jobs in public history and as well as providing a firm foundation for graduate work in public history or related fields.



What is involved in the Public History Concentration Major?

Public History StudentThe Public History Concentration major exceeds the minimum standards provided by the National Council on Public History and provides students with a strong history background as well as public history training and hands-on experiences. Along with the current history major requirements, students in the new public history concentration will take required courses in public history, archives management, and choose from a range of electives including art history, public budgeting, web design, and state and local government. Students are also required to undertake a minimum of two internships with local or national archives, museums, and other public history programs, for a total of 240 internship hours. Finally, the senior Capstone project allows students to put the knowledge they gained through their coursework and internships to use on an in-depth, independent public history project of their own devising.

See the concentration curriculum here:
Public History curriculum in the Bulletin

Recommended Course Rotation for Public History Concentration:

In addition to all university general education requirements Public History concentration majors must complete the following courses, preferably in this recommended order.

Year in Program

Classes to Take

Freshman Year

HIS 101-102: History of World Civilizations (6 hours)
HIS 109-110: History of the United States (6 hours)
Consider beginning Foreign Language

Sophomore Year

Fall: HIS 311: Introduction to Historical Thinking and Research (3 hours)
Spring: HIS 314: Introduction to Public History (3 hours)
Continue or Begin Foreign Language
History and Interdisciplinary Electives as indicated below

Junior Year

History and Interdisciplinary Electives as indicated below
Complete Foreign Language
Complete at least one of two required Internships

Senior Year

Fall: HIS 499: Capstone (3 hours)
History and Interdisciplinary Electives as indicated below

The following can be taken at any time in the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Years

HIS 312: Mississippi History (3 hours)
HIS 463: Archives Management (3 hours)
HIS 401 and/or HIS 464: Internships (6 hours)
Four American or Public History electives (12 hours)
Two European History electives (6 hours)
One Global History elective (3 hours)
Three Interdisciplinary electives (9 hours)

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