Certificate in Public Administration

Public AdministrationDo you work for a government agency or for a non-profit organization? Would you like to? The W's Certificate in Public Administration can help you move your career forward.

The Certificate in Public Administration is a 15-credit program that provides a solid foundation in the field of public administration. The program prepares you for careers in public administration and provides an upgrade of skills and theoretical understanding if you’re already in the field. The program's courses will provide or enhance your skills in public management, public budgeting, and human resources management. The program will also include an analytical course to aid you in understanding organization behavior. You will become knowledgeable in public administration principles and be prepared to work effectively in public and nonprofit organizations.


How easy will it be for me to find the time for the program?

All courses in the program will be offered on-line or at night except for POL 490 Internship/Practicum. But you can arrange to meet with you instructor in POL 490 Internship/Practicum at a time that will fit your schedule.

How long will it take me to earn the certificate? 

It will be possible to earn the certificate within 2 semesters.

Can I use the credit toward a degree if I decide to pursue a degree at a later date? 

You have the option of taking courses for academic credit (earning a grade for the course). If you chose to take the courses for credit, all courses in the program may be applied toward a degree in Business or Political Science. You may work on a degree while you are also earning the certificate or after you complete the certificate. You may take select courses for no academic credit (called "auditing a class"), but those courses may not be applied to the Executive Certificate, nor a degree. As you can see, The W makes it easy for you to customize your education.

How many classes or credit hours are necessary to obtain the certificate? 

In order to earn the Executive Certificate in Public Administration, you must complete 15 hours of course work--in other words, five 3-hour classes.

What are the classes that I will be required to take? 

POL 301 Public Administration 
BU 382 Organizational Behavior 
POL 307 Public Budgeting 
BU 404 Human Resources Management 
POL 490 Internship/Practicum

If I'm already working in government or for a non-profit, can I take my POL 490 Internship/Practicum where I work? 
Yes. In fact, your job itself can provide the material for POL 490 Internship/Practicum.

For more information about the Public Administration Certificate program at MUW, please contact the department chair.