Student Research

Here are some recent undergraduate student research projects from our majors in history, political science, and interdisciplinary studies.


For details about the ongoing student research regarding the racial desegregation of campus, please click here.  Contact Dr. Erin Kempker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you're interested in participating in this research effort.

Political Science:

All presentations were made at annual meetings of the Mississippi Political Science Association. 

  • Pedro Acevedo, “Will Japan March Again?” – February 7-8, 2014 (at Ole Miss)

  • Clint Gannon, “Canadian Healthcare Challenges in the 21st Century” – February 7-8, 2014 (at Ole Miss)

  • Menuka Ban, “Somalia: Rising from a Failed State?” – November 2-3, 2012 (at Delta State)

  • Jasmin Fleming, “North Korea’s Direction after Kim Jong-Il” - November 2-3, 2012 (at Delta State)

  • Patricia Hernandez, “Cuba: An Example of Communist Success or Misinformation?” - November 2-3, 2012 (at Delta State)

  • Karen Lott, “Educational Equality vs. Economic Competitiveness: An Analysis of German Vocational Education” - November 2-3, 2012 (at Delta State); Won the conference’s award for best undergraduate paper

  • Jordan Kaase, “Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Gathering Strategy and effectiveness in Mississippi” – November 11-12, 2011 (at Millsaps)

  • Preston Veal, “Is China Ready for Hegemony?” - November 11-12, 2011 (at Millsaps)

  • Jacorius Liner, “Libya’s Transition: Will Qaddafi’s Ouster Bring Democracy?” - November 11-12, 2011 (at Millsaps)

  • Nikki Rister, “Morocco’s Future: Presidential Democracy or Authoritarianism?” - November 11-12, 2011 (at Millsaps)

  • Julie Foster, “Democracy in Indonesia: is It Sustainable?” -  November 11-12, 2011 (at Millsaps)

  • Bess Toyama, “The KGB’s Persistent Impact on Russian Government” – November 5-6, 2010 (at MUW)

  • Eve Certhoux, “The Persistence of the National front in French Politics: Its Impact beyond the 2002 Presidential Elections” - November 5-6, 2010 (at MUW)

  • Lesly Griffin, “A Democratic Government in Iraq?” - November 5-6, 2010 (at MUW)

  • Terresia Rush, “Women’s Rights Movements in Saudi Arabia - November 5-6, 2010 (at MUW)

  • Laura Corley, “Is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Moving Liberia toward or away from Genuine Democracy?” - November 5-6, 2010 (at MUW)

  • Hunter Harris, “Explaining Support among African-Americans for the Democratic Party” - November 6-7, 2009 (at Millsaps)

  • Lauren Jee, “Poetry as a Form of Political Reconciliation” – November 6-7, 2009 (at Millsaps)

 Interdisciplinary Studies:

  • Tamara Rutledge, "The Poet Activist: Black & Lesbian Indetities as Creative Inspiration" - 2016
  • Lulu Luo, “Fertility Control Policy in China: History, Current Situations, and Reactions” – 2013

  • Valerie Baldwin, “Possible Health Benefits of Religious Practices” – 2013

  • Jay Armstrong: “Reclamation of the World by the Adamic Race: The Claims of Christian Identity Minister Dr. Wesley A. Swift,” 2012

  • Will Richey: “Music Video Project: Hayden Allen’s ‘Take Me,’” 2011

  • J. Alec Hawkins: “Alice A. Bailey and Her Mystic Interpretation of the Christ,” 2011