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Department of Music

Music Program

The following is only one source of information regarding a student's program of study for a BA in Music. Note: Some courses required in the major will also fulfill requirements for the General Education Curriculum. Students should always meet with a faculty advisor for information on course scheduling, rotation, and selection and for planning an effective and efficient program of study. Students must complete the following:

General Education Curriculum (39-40 Semester Hours)

See General Education Curriculum Requirements

BA Degree Requirements:

Foreign Language (one area - minimum of 6 hours at the 200-level or above)

Major Courses:
(for course descriptions, see the Undergraduate Bulletin)

MUS 101 - Theory I
MUS 102 - Theory II
MUS 103 - Theory Lab I
MUS 104 - Theory Lab II
MUS 105 - Introduction to Music Literature
MUS 121 - Major Piano, Voice
MUS 122 - Major Piano, Voice
MUS 127 - Secondary Piano, Voice (four semester hours required)
MUS 201 - Theory III
MUS 202 - Theory IV
MUS 203 - Theory Lab III
MUS 204 - Theory Lab IV
MUS 221 - Major Piano, Voice
MUS 222 - Major Piano, Voice
MUS 301 - History Of Music
MUS 302 - History Of Music
MUS 305 - Form and Analysis
MUS 321 - Major Piano, Voice
MUS 322 - Major Piano, Voice
MUS 421 - Major Piano, Voice
MUS 422 - Major Piano, Voice
Music Ensemble (8 semester hours)


In the secondary applied requirements a piano major may substitute 4 hours of voice or instrument for 4 hours of piano.

General Electives: (21 Semester Hours)

In addition to the requirements of the major, the BA degree requirements, and the General Education Curriculum requirements, an additional 21 semester hours of coursework is required to meet the requirments of a Bachelor of Arts degree. Suggested course: MUS 242 Computers in Music

Total Hours Required for a BA in Music: 124 Semester Hours

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