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Department of Sciences & Mathematics

Science StudentsThe Department of Sciences and Mathematics serves all MUW students by providing high quality academic programs in the sciences and mathematics. Departmental courses meet university General Education requirements for courses that provide laboratory-based instruction in natural sciences and for courses that develop quantifying skills, supporting majors within every program across campus. The department also provides courses that meet the specialized requirements of majors such as Nursing and Culinary Arts.



Majors and minors available

Majors within the department are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology with Teacher Certification, Mathematics with Teacher Certification, and Physical Sciences with Teacher Certification. Minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics are also available.


LabDepartmental environment

MUW is a public university offering a small college environment. Our classes are small and our students are treated as individuals and as part of a caring community. Interaction with faculty members through classroom, laboratory, and research experiences prepares students to be productive members of society. Students are well prepared to enter the classroom as teachers, continue on for graduate degrees, enter professional programs, or find suitable employment. Strong communication, technology, and critical thinking skills allow for continued personal and intellectual growth upon graduation.

Faculty members at MUW are committed to undergraduate teaching and research. They know their students by name, are aware of strengths and weaknesses of each student, and provide mentoring and encouragement to assist students in fully developing their knowledge and skills. All lecture and laboratory courses from freshman through senior level courses are taught by faculty members and are small enough to provide a personalized learning environment.

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