Business Administration, B.A.S. - Legal Administration

To seek a degree in the Legal Administration concentration, a student must have a completed A.A.S. in one of the following disciplines:

Accounting Technology
Criminal Justice
General Studies
Office Assistant
Political Science
Business Administration
General Business
Law Office Management
Social Science
Public Administration

Suggested Course of Study

B.A.S. in Business Administration - Legal Administration

Community College Transfer

Career / Technical Transfer (up to 43 hrs)
General Ed Elective* 4 hrs
General Ed Elective* 3 hrs
General Ed Elective* 3 hrs

General Ed Elective* 3 hrs
General Ed Elective* 3 hrs
General Ed Elective* 3 hrs

TOTAL: 62 Hours**


First Semester

MIS 160 Spreadsheet Applications 3hr
EC 201 Principles of Economics I 3hrs
PLG 200 Legal Bibliography & Research I 3hrs
General Ed Elective* 3hrs
General Ed Elective* 3hrs

Total: 15 hr

Second Semester

BQA 170 Statistical Analysis for Business 3hr
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I 3 hrs
PLG 241 Legal Environment of Business 3hrs
PLG 202 Legal Bibliography & Research II 3hrs
General Ed Elective* 3hrs
General Ed Elective* 3hrs

Total: 18 hr


First Semester

MKT 361 Principles of Marketing 3hrs
MGT 381 Principles of Management 3hrs
PLG 330 Legal Writing 3hrs
PLG 427 Administrative Law 3hrs
General Ed Elective* 3hrs

Total: 15 hr

Second Semester

PLG 401 Special Topics in Paralegal Studies 3hrs
PLG 431 Criminal Law 3hrs
PLG 432 Family Law 3hrs
PLG 440 Practical Legal Lab 3hrs
General Ed Elective* 3hrs

Total: 15 hr

* Course Needed to Fulfill General Education Requirements of MUW; Students strongly encouraged to complete College Algebra and Lab-based Natural Science before transferring to MUW. Please see General Education Requirements in the University Bulletin.

** Business Majors require a minimum of 124 credit hours to graduate. No more than 62 hours of these hours may be earned at a community college.


Courses used to satisfy requirements in the major cannot be used to satisfy requirements for another major or a business major.
A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in EN 101, EN 102, any math course, Business Core or other COB required course.
Only six hours of Business Electives can be taken below the 300 level.
MIS157 cannot be used as a Business or MIS elective.

This curriculum sheet is a sample and is intended to be a tentative guideline for the order in which courses should be taken to fulfill the requirements of the major.
Courses may be taken out of the suggested order as long as the prerequisite system for each course has been fulfilled.
The course rotation is not fixed and is subject to change.
Courses taken during the summer, transfer courses from other universities and community colleges, and correspondence courses may be used to fulfill the major requirements.
Community college transfer students must earn at least 50 percent of their academic credits from a senior institution, including at least 25 percent of those hours from MUW.  MUW does not award credit for technical or vocational courses except in the B.A.S. program.
The total number or general electives will vary.

The Legal Administration concentration is not approved by the American Bar Association and is not intended to prepare students as paralegals.

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Department of Business

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