COLUMBUS, Miss. – Artwork by Mississippi University for Women students is showcased in the Juried Student Exhibition, which will run through Monday, March 6.

All art majors were required to submit at least three works of art except seniors graduating this semester and art majors just starting this semester. Anyone else taking art courses at The W were invited to participate as well. The work had to be created since the last Juried Student Exhibition and be from an art class at The W.

A total of 262 works of art were submitted with 133 accepted.

The exhibition was juried by Terry Cherry, art professor at East Mississippi Community College in Scooba. Cherry selected the media awards for the exhibition.

The winners are as follows:


First place: Macy Hicks, “Connected”

Second place: Kevin McKinstry, “Woodfired Clover Cup”

Third place: Joshua Edgar “Twisted Vessel”

Honorable Mention: Kylie Brown, “Vase Wood Fired”


First place: Robert Meady, “Hedgehog”

Second place: JoAnn Thomas, “An Elephant Never Forgets”

Digital Imaging

First place: Andrew Parker, “Rainbow Beetle”

Second place: Janae Smith, “The Lock of Good and Evil”

Third place: Chris Garner, “Doug Studies”


First place: Haley Rountree, “Cow Skull Still Life”

Second place: Ladanna Jones, “Homesickness”

Third place: Janae Smith, “Paper Bags”

Honorable Mention: Macy Hicks, “Bags”

Graphic Design

First place: Allyson Flood, “Self-Promotional”

Second place: Tesa Henry, “Exposure”

Third place: Kevin McKinstry, “Tennessee William’s Play Poster”

Honorable Mention: Chris Garner, “Shoulders of Giants”


First place: Andrew Parker, “Childish Things”

Second place: De’Ana Magee, “Gene Tierney”

Third place: Dustin Bailey, “In the Garden of Good and Evil”

Honorable Mention: Kelly Brown, “Fire Ant”

Mixed Media

First place: Sydney Martin, “Drift Wood”

Second place: Haley Rountree, “Bold and Brash”


First place: Allison Jones, “Wisteria Trellis”

Second place: Kylie Brown, “Pattern 13”

Third place: Rachel Wheeler, “Pixelated Color 2”

Honorable Mention: Alanna Hatfield, “Soft Ten”


First place: Abby Huss, “Hit and Run”

Second place: Jessica Mae Wallace, “You Are Not Alone”

Third place: Jessica Mae Wallace, “When I Close My Eyes”

Honorable Mention: Jessica Parker, “Past”


First place: Josh Edgar “The Way of Tea”

Second place: Allison Jones “Candy Apple Thief”

Third place: Desarea Guyton, “Light and Fluffy”

Honorable Mention: Emmanuel Johnson, “Kitchen Litho”

Cherry said, “It is a strong show of the dedication your students put into their art. The students and their professors should all be proud.

“In jurying I always look for evidence of basic knowledge of good design principles and a dedication to working the piece until it is finished. This could mean taking a long time on the piece or many attempts at the same piece. Good ideas can take a while to get to! Great technique usually comes from practice. I look for evidence of all these basic teachable characteristics.”

He added, “After the basics, I want the piece to grab me in some way. I look for some kind of reason for doing the art. Some call it artist vision. If the piece communicates a strong emotion or just emanates sheer beauty, it is on the right track.”

MUW President Jim Borsig selected three students from the Juried Student Exhibition to receive the President’s Exhibition Award. This award is the opportunity for each selected student to stage a solo exhibition of her/his work in the corridor outside the President’s Office in Welty Hall.

The winners are as follows:

Josh Edgar
Allyson Flood
Desarea Guyton

Borsig said, “Dr. Joyce accompanied me on a tour of the exhibit and I was delighted to see students’ talent on display, particularly across so many disciplines. I want to congratulate all of them and I am grateful that visitors to Welty Hall will be able to enjoy work that represents our talented students.”

The art faculty selected the Overall Achievement Awards. These awards are based on the quality and maturity of the selected students’ work.

The winners are as follows:

First Place: Josh Edgar
Second Place: Andrew Parker
Third Place: Jessica Mae Wallace

This year W students also competed in the Mississippi Collegiate Art competition, which is open to all students enrolled in the state’s four-year institutions.

The Collegiate show was scheduled this year to be held at William Carey University – Hattiesburg; however, because of the tornado damage on their campus, the exhibition was canceled.

Dr. Beverly Joyce, gallery director, said, “We felt that it was important for our students to have the opportunity to show their work that was to be in the Collegiate show. The accepted work by students eligible for the Juried Student Exhibition was automatically included in our department show.”

These were also eligible for department awards. Work by seniors graduating this semester is hanging in the foyer of the building.

Feb. 23, 2017
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