COLUMBUS, Miss. -- The graduating seniors of Mississippi University for Women’s Department of Art and Design are hosting the 2017 BFA Exhibition “REFIINED” in the Eugenia Summer Gallery. “REFIINED” is the second of a two-part exhibition, running from May 3–13.

 The reception will be held Friday, May 12 from 6-8 p.m. in Summer Hall. The exhibition and reception are open to the public.

“REFIINED” will feature the work of five seniors; Mollie Crocker of Winona, Morgan Jetton of Nettleton, Rachael Ward of Northport, Ala., Quincy Hughes of St. Louis, Mo. and Jordan Langford Nettleton/Amory.

Crocker graduated from Winona Secondary School and will be receiving a bachelor’s of fine arts in graphic design from The W. Crocker‘s love for art ranged for all types of mediums but then after studying visual arts at Holmes Community College leaned toward graphic design. Crocker’s goal after graduation is to go into graphic design full force and start as a junior graphic designer and 


then move into art director for a major company or design firm.
“I grew up knowing that I could do anything just as long as I worked hard, had faith and pushed the limits and I apply that knowledge of artists that I have learned about at The W like Banksy, Andy Warhol and other amazing artists, knowledge in every aspect of the word and apply it to my design. At the end of the day, I want to make the clients happy, own my own company and just inspire good design,” Crocker said.

Jetton was homeschool and will also be receiving a BFA in graphic design. From a young age, Jetton knew she wanted to pursue a degree in art. In fall of 2012, she attended ItawambaJetton Community and eventually transferred to The W. Her work as of now has been focused on packaging and identity design. The motivation for these pieces are widely based off of criteria, research and art movements of different kinds. Her style of work is based highly off of color usage, composition and directional movement. In the past few years, she has been awarded in several exhibitions including the Award of Excellence in the MCAC competition of 2016. After graduation she plans to pursue a master’s degree in graphic design to one day teach what others have inspired her over the years.

She said, “I was always interested in art and if it’s up to me it will always be something I hold most dear to me. It was my way of expression not only through the joyful times but a way to get through the rough and unbearable ones also.”

WardWard attended Tuscaloosa County High School and will be receiving her BFA in painting and drawing. Since the age of five, she has wanted to be an artist. After receiving an associate’s degree in art from Shelton State Community College in 2014, she decided to further her education at The W. Her work is primarily considered to be a form of System Art and has a very decorative feel and patterned look. She has been exhibited in juried shows in Alabama and Mississippi and has received a number of art scholarships and awards. Upon graduation she plans to pursue her master’s degree, eventually being able to work as a professor to be able to inspire other aspiring artists the way her professors have inspired her.

Ward said, "I suppose my interest in art has always been around, but I was really truly invested when I took painting I at my community college. Once there, it was like I had discovered a whole new field of art that was previously inaccessible to me due to space and money constraints." " As I entered painting II and had a new instructor, I was introduced to more conceptual works and ways of thinking… It turns out that having that exposure to conceptual works really helped me to be able to formally analyze and consider all works of art regardless of if I like or agree with them. Since being at The W, I have been further immersed in conceptual-ism, exploration and production."

Hughes attended West Point High School and will be the only graduating senior receiving a BFA in art education. He was initially inspired and encouraged by his family to do art. Hughes later challenged himself by drawing everythingHughes that he perceived, elevating and positioning himself to new ventures. He has won several design contests during middle school including an apron design contest, portraiture and placing first and second in the WestPoint Prairie Arts festival. His passion to inspire through the arts was realized once in college. Hughes was influenced by how art was taught, or rather, how students responded to it being taught.

He said, “My approach to art is always shifting, expanding throughout my process and revealing opportunities for new content. I liken this process-content relationship to that of a hurricane; the condition of the weather (process) is never, nor can it ever be, the same now as it would be a few minutes later, yet it (content) is still always the ocean.”

Langford Langford attended Amory Christian Academy and will be receiving her BFA in graphic design. Always very artistic and creative, Langford’s pursuit to become a graphic designer started at Itawamba Community College where she earned her associates of fine arts in 2014, and from there she continued her studies at The W. Her work has been exhibited at The W’s spring 2015 and 2016 Student Juried Shows, and also exhibited in the Mississippi Collegiate Show of 2017. Her work is a mixture of ceramics, pattern based illustration and graphic design. Langford’s main focus is graphic design, and after graduation she hopes to attain a position at a graphic design firm.

She said, “This exhibition is going to be very diverse and exciting. We have all worked very hard, and I am very excited to see everyone showcase that hard work.”

The BFA Exhibition is a requirement for all graduates of the Art and Design Department and is entirely curated by the students. All work that will be featured, was carefully selected by each student in an effort to best showcase their abilities and knowledge in their particular area of study. Most of the artwork will be available for purchase.

“REFIINED” is the second of two BFA Exhibitions presented in the Sumer Gallery this spring. The 10 graduating seniors chose to split into two short exhibitions in order to better highlight each individual’s work. The logo concept of using a roman numeral “I” and “II” in the name of each show was developed by one of the graduating seniors, Arlesia Rambus.

The Eugenia Summer Gallery is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) and is located in Summer Hall on the southwest corner of The W’s campus, in between Stark Recreation Center and the Fant Library. The gallery is often able to extend viewing hours. For any questions about the gallery or the current exhibition, call (662)329-7341 or (662)329-7291 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May 2, 2017
Contact: Eugenia Summer Gallery, Graduating Seniors
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