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Course of Study

The Master of Education with Educational Leadership emphasis program consists of four core courses, four emphasis courses, and three internship courses.

Core Courses for the Master of Education:

ED 600: Leadership through Action Research

ED 614: Leadership through Building a Culture of Professionalism

ED 652: Leadership through Curriculum

ED 699: Capstone

Emphasis Courses for the Education Leadership Program:

ED 620: Leadership through Developing a Vision

ED 630: Leadership through Instructional Supervision

ED 638: Leaddership through Supporting Diverse Learners

ED 640: Leadership through Organizing a Supportive Learning Environment


The Educational Leadership program requires nine credit hours of internship courses.  The internship requirement will be divided into three courses over three semesters.  The requirement can be met through your place of employment if a member of higher administration agrees to be your mentor.