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Villa GodiolaThe Master of Fine Arts in Physical Theatre is offered in conjunction with the Accademia dell'Arte in Arezzo, Italy. Students must be admitted to the graduate program at MUW prior to enrolling in courses leading to the MFA degree.

The MFA in Physical Theatre combines the study of movement/dance, Italian language, vocal study, and music with the study of circus arts, the techniques of the commedia dell'arte, and contemporary mime/masks. The program will provide students with a high level of technical training for the actor, as well as a study of the aesthetic, historical, and social contexts of the commedia dell'arte.

The degree emphasizes the "actor as creator" and creative autonomy to prepare students for solo performance. As a terminal degree program, students also may opt for a career in teaching.The MFA program takes place across a 26-month period divided into modules that range from 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

The total instruction is over 1800 hours. The MFA requires 60 semester hours of coursework, including a performance project and a thesis.

General Admission Requirements:

  • A completed Graduate Application form.
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work from each institution attended, including MUW transcripts. Transcripts must verify that the applicant received a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited four-year institution and that the applicant has a minimum 3.0 overall GPA on a four-point scale for undergraduate studies.
  • Two letters of professional recommendation for the graduate program in Physical Theatre. The letters should state the applicant's qualifications for graduate work from persons (excluding graduate faculty) who have personal knowledge of the applicant's academic or work performance.
  • An immunization form showing proof of two doses of measles vaccines and one of rubella. See the Graduate Bulletin for more details.
  • A $100 application fee, payable to Accademia dell'Arte.


Program-Specific Requirements:

MFA TheatreEntrance Requirements

Acceptance to the MFA program requires that students possess a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent, be in good physical health, and show a full and mature awareness of the nature of the program. They should also have faithfully estimated their ability to pursue and complete its course of study. It is expected that students have significant prior experience in theatre. Depending on the date of graduation and academic standing, students may be offered a conditional place in the program. This will be clarified when the offer is made.

Auditions and Deadlines

Candidates interested in applying for the program should complete the application form. All candidates are required to participate in auditions to be held in the US or Arezzo, Italy. Please contact us for details and logistics. In some cases a DVD audition may be accepted.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2015

Early Decision Deadline: December 1, 2014
Accademia dell'Arte offers an early decision option for candidates who complete the application process before December 1, 2014 and who accept the offer of a place in the program prior to January 1, 2015. Candidates who meet eligibility requirements will receive a $1,250 discount on tuition.

Tuition & Fees | 2015–2017

Tuition (Total credit hours: 60)

Year 1 (modules 1-3)


Module 1 Arezzo (credit hrs.10)



Module 2 Arezzo (credit hrs.10)



Module 3 Torino (credit hrs. 6)



Year 2 (modules 4-6)


Module 4 Arezzo (credit hrs.10)



Module 5 Arezzo (credit hrs.10)



Module 6 Berlin (credit hrs. 6)



Year 3 (module 7)


Module 7 Prague(credit hrs. 8)





Note: While every effort will be made to guarantee the above prices, the Accademia dell 'Arte reserves the right to adjust prices after Year One, should circumstances beyond its control impose an adjustment of tuition fees.

Other Fees

Application fee: $100

Deposit: $2,000
In order to secure their place in the program, candidates are required to pay a $2000 USD security deposit. This payment may be made in one transaction or several installments by agreement with Accademia dell'Arte and MUW. This deposit will be credited toward the first semester's tuition.


Included in Tuition

  • All instruction for all Modules
  • Administrative support for integration in Arezzo and other sites. However, our student services staff is limited and we expect postgraduate students to be as independent as possible. Personal counselling is not available through student services.
  • Access to a local doctor at the discretion of the MFA Administrative Assistant.
  • Mentoring program
  • Supervision and support for modules outside Arezzo. An Accademia dell'Arte core faculty member is present during key moments in the module. Accademia dell'Arte does not have a permanent core faculty member on site during these modules, but does monitor the progress with its close collaborators on site.
  • Materials for mask-making workshops facilitated by faculty in Arezzo and Berlin
  • Use of technical and costume facilities that the Accademia dell'Arte has at its disposition
  • Meals at the Villa Godiola when students are in class at the Godiola campus
  • Additional insurance to cover any injury that may be sustained at Flic Scuola di Circo (valid in Year One)

Not included in Tuition

  • Food
  • Transportation (including travel within Europe to residencies in Torino, Berlin and Czech Republic)
  • Housing (Note: Students may need to pay a realtor's fee to arrange accommodation in Arezzo)
  • Security deposit: €150 (Euros) payable at beginning of Module One, refundable at end of Module Seven
  • Visa (for non-EU students payable to appropriate authorities)
  • Residence Permit: obligatory for non-EU students. In order to qualify for the Residence Permit students will additionally purchase an Italian Emergency Room insurance (INA ASSITALIA), which is specially designed by the Italian government for foreign students to cover emergency medical expenses. In 2013 the total sum paid for a Residence Permit (Validity One Year) and the corresponding Emergency Room insurance (INA ASSITALIA) was €280– This sum may vary
  • Certificate of aptitude for sport (obligatory for circus school). This certificate is obtained in Italy in order to comply with Italian Regulation. A student deemed not fit to pursue intense physical activity may need to review their engagement in the MFA in Physical Theatre. No refund can be made for a semester that has already commenced (except within the stipulated time as stated by MUW general policies). Cost: €65 (2013) This sum may vary.
  • All students must present proof of a comprehensive health insurance issued by the US that is valid for treatments in Italy. Some current students have used the following insurance plan: Cultural Insurance Services CISI, for Students or Scholars - Cultural Insurance Services CISI
  • Travel within Italy and within Europe for Module One (preparatory week Flic Scuola Torino), Module Three (Flic), Module Six (Berlin) and Module Seven (Czech Republic)
  • Security Deposit: €150 (payable in week 3 of Module one and reimbursed at end of Module Seven)

Note: Local costs due in Arezzo require cash payment in Euros only

Living costs and housing

This budget is an estimate of living costs for students in Europe for one year of MFA (fall, spring and summer semester). It is not exhaustive and does not take into account individual differences or needs: i.e. private apartments, alimentary or medical needs, extra travel, etc. It is an estimate to allow students to plan their personal budget and FAFSA applications and does not include personal expenditure.

Notes – this budget is based on a ten-month period: it allows for one transatlantic fare. The accommodation is based on 2 or 3 students in shared apartments, each with their own room, shared living, kitchen and bathroom facilities.


Average per month

Accommodation:between € 300 and 400 per month

€ 350

Extra provision for apartment in Torino or Berlin: € 600

€ 60

Utilities: € 75-125 per month

€ 100

Food: € 300-400

€ 350

Realtor: € 120

€ 12

US- Europe travel—One round-trip flight per year: € 1200

€ 120

European Travel: € 250

€ 25

Local Travel: € 100

€ 10

Communication (phone/internet): € 400

€ 40

School supplies: € 200

€ 20

Residence permit/ Emergency Room insurance (INA ASSITALIA) € 280

€ 28

Comprehensive health insurance issued by the US

€ 60 estimated

Total Average per month

€ 1,175

Total over 10 months

€ 11,750


Housing in Arezzo

Most students will live in shared apartments in the city of Arezzo. Costs will depend on specific choices made by the students, but an estimated cost for off campus room is approximately €300 – €400 per month for private rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Prior to students' first arrival in Arezzo the Accademia assists them in identifying and securing housing through the help of local real estate agencies.

Housing in Torino, Berlin and Czech Republic

Torino: Shared apartments or similar housing will be arranged by the Accademia, prior to arrival.
Every effort will be made to find affordable housing convenient to the training facilities.
Berlin: Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation; the MFA administration may give advise.
Czech Republic: Students are housed at Plum Farm Yard in accommodation provided by Continuo Theatre

Note: Travel costs to module locations (approximately €250 round-trip for each location) will be the responsibility of the students. Students are responsible also for their accommodation payments.


Health Insurance

All studentswill hold Emergency Room insurance (INA ASSITALIA) as part of their residence permit application.
This covers emergency treatment. In addition all students are obliged to hold a comprehensive health insurance issued by the US that is valid for medical treatments in Italy/Europe that do not fall under the heading of the emergency INA ASSITALIA cover. Some current students have used the following insurance plan: Cultural Insurance Services CISI, for Students or Scholars, found at the following web address: - Cultural Insurance Services CISI




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