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Child & Parent Development Center


CPDC StudentsThe staff members of the Child and Parent Development Center (CPDC) share a common philosophy that children learn best when they can actively interact with their environment.

They share a common commitment to helping each child develop fully – physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.  Each child is valued as a unique individual. 

In each child’s classroom, a wide variety of materials are used in many different ways.  Children can explore the materials, solve problems, develop skills, increase knowledge, or be creative in ways that help them to solidify their abilities at one level to be ready to move on to the next.  The teachers engage with the children in ways that develop strong language skills.

All activities are developmentally appropriate and allow children to engage in activities at their own levels.  When children demonstrate readiness, the teachers encourage them to move to another level. Every child is able to develop fully according to his/her own interests and capabilities. 

All teachers in the center have bachelor’s degrees in one of these fields: early childhood, family studies, or elementary education.


Hours of Operation:     Monday – Friday, 7:30-5:30

Serving Children, ages 1 – 4 (through Pre-K)



Openings are available for children of MUW Students, Faculty, and Staff,
and Families within the community

Child & Parent Development Center

Child & Parent Development Center

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