The Dilettanti

Welcome to the web site for MUW's student literary magazine, The Dilettanti. This is a magazine produced by and for the students of MUW. Student editors are chosen each year, and submissions are solicted from current students.

We are always looking for students to assist with production. Please contact our advisor or one of the editors if you are interested in working on the magazine. Send email or a letter stating what you would be interested in doing, and most importantly, how we can contact you when production begins on this year's issue.

2016-17 Editors

Betsie MacLellan Cutrer
Viktor Frey

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kendall Dunkelberg

The Dilettanti 2017 has been released!
Look for it in Painter Hall and other buildings on campus.

Note: The editors deeply regret the omission of Jessie Teel's nonfiction essay "I Don't See No Need In It" from the print issue. The essay won 3rd prize in the Nonfiction category, and we had every intention of including it; however, somehow it was overwritten or left out by mistake, so we are posting it as it should have appeared here with our sincere apologies for this oversight!

Other Errata: Pages 48 and 49 in Marissa Vaughn's "History Repeating" are printed in the reverse order. Page 49 should have been placed before 48.