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Choose to Serve.
Through the College of Education and Human Sciences, Mississippi University for Women provides students with the opportunity to pursue fulfilling service careers in education, family studies, health, kinesiology, and psychology. With 10 undergraduate majors, 6 Master’s degrees, 4 minors, and additional educator licensure programs, the college offers a range of options for those who want to enter professions of service.



NCATE LogoSince 1964, the MUW programs in Education have been continuously accredited with the National Council for Accreditation in Teacher Education, recently merged into a new organization, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. In addition, degree programs within the college are aligned with national standards within their respective fields.

Successful Employment

Upon completion of the professional programs with the MUW College of Education and Human Sciences, graduates are highly respected and sought for employment positions.

To learn more about the uniqueness and qualities of the degrees within the college, you are invited to contact us and to schedule visits. If you desire a future making a difference while improving quality of life for others, the MUW College of Education and Human Sciences has exciting experiences awaiting.

Outstanding Faculty and Connections to Practitioners

MUW students within the college interact with an outstanding faculty as well have clinical and internship experiences in real world settings. Education faculty have experience as educators in K-12 schools themselves. In addition, through outreach, departments within the college host a number of annual events each year. Technology is integrated into class experiences. Internships are critical components of programs.

Both Online and Traditional Options

Student OnlineTwo degrees within the college are available fully online – Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education and the Master of Science in Health Education. All graduate courses and many undergraduate courses are offered either online or through blended class experiences.


Education & Human Sciences Building
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