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Financial Aid Checklist


Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (also known as FAFSA)                      

  • Visit www.fafsa.ed.gov  to start the process.  The FAFSA is available every January 1st for the upcoming academic year.    The W's  Federal School Code is 002422.
  • The student and parent must each obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at www.pin.ed.gov  The PIN serves as your electronic signature. Please make sure both you and your parent (if your parent’s signature is required) sign the FAFSA or it will be rejected.  Please be sure to keep all PIN numbers in a safe location in order to access them each year.


Complete any outstanding financial aid requirements                     

  • Once the FAFSA is received, you will receive a tracking letter email notification if additional information is needed.  All incomplete requirements can be viewed via BANNER.  


Receive award letter email notification                 

  • Once the FAFSA is received and all awarding requirements are met, you will receive an award letter email notification.  Your official award letter can be viewed via BANNER.


Accept loans online via BANNER                         

  • All students must accept loans online via BANNER if they wish to receive a loan for the academic year. Students may accept full or partial loan amounts on-line. This is a one-time acceptance process that must be completed each academic year. Any further changes in loan amounts will require students to contact the office.


Complete the Federal PLUS and Graduate PLUS process at https://studentloans.gov                   

  • All Federal Direct PLUS Loan borrowers must complete a loan request form if they wish to receive a PLUS loan. The PLUS loan request form tells our office how much loan money you wish to borrow. PLUS loan borrowers must submit a new loan request form each year.


Complete Loan Entrance Counseling (required for first-time borrowers) at https://studentloans.gov

  • All new or transfer students must complete loan entrance counseling.


Complete and submit the Master Promissory Note (MPN) to Direct Lending at https://studentloans.gov      (First-time borrowers & transfer students)

  • U.S. Department of Education Direct Loans must receive the MPN in order for the funds to disburse to MUW.
  • PLUS Loan funds will not defer your bill until MUW receives notification that the Master Promissory Note has been signed and the loan has been credit approved.
  • If you have a Federal Perkins Loan, please contact University Accounting to complete the Perkins Master Promissory Note.  

1100 College Street Columbus, MS 39701phone: 662.329.4750 or 877.462.8439