Apply to The Mississippi Governor's School

Interested in Governor's School?

Please complete the following application by:

  1. Filling out and attaching information to Form A
  2. Printing and signing Form B (to be provided to your counselor).
  3. Having your counselor complete Form C (including the attachments as necessary).

Competed applications are due no later than February 4, 2015 to be considered as a scholar for the 2015 session.

* You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat in order to complete the application.

FORM A - Applicants and Parents

The Application Deadline is February 4, 2015


Please follow the link above for this form. Please do not begin the application without the required information, as you will not be able to save the application and return to it once you begin. In order to complete this form you will need to have the following information available to you:

  • Your personal information including a recent photo (the photo will need to be attached).
  • Your School Information.
  • The names and email addresses of two teachers that you have had as instructors in the past year.
  • Your typed signature as well as that of a parent/guardian.
  • A current resume including Work experience, Service, Talents, Memberships and organizations, Honors received, Extra-curricular activities and community involvement, and anything else that you would like for us to know. It is best if the resume is  created in a word processing software and attached as part of the application, but you may type it into the form if you so choose.
  • An Essay about this year's theme "A Light for Learning"

The following characteristics are required for the essay's format/content:

  • Give the a title that is shows consideration for the theme
  • Use at least 5 well-developed paragraphs* (e.g. 1 Introduction, 3 Body, and 1 Conclusion).
  • Use standard grammar and mechanics (Check for errors).
  • Include your name an school you are applying from in the header of the essay.

* Typical paragraphs are 5 to 10 sentences.

FORM B - Applicants and Parents

The Application Deadline is February 4, 2015


You will need to print out Section B and fill in the missing information, including signatures, in pen (black or blue preferred). The original needs to be provided to your school counselor.

Your school counselor will add form B as part of the documentation for Form C.

FORM C - School Counselors

The Application Deadline is February 4, 2015


This section is for school counselors to fill out and attach documentation. You will need to have all necessary documentation before beginning the application (this includes Form B that should have been provided by the student). The additional documentation that is required from school records should be scanned or converted to attachments that will be uploaded as part of the application.

You will not be able to stop or save your progress once you begin the application. 


Demographic Qualifications for the Mississippi Governor's School

An applicant must meet each of the following qualifications:

  1. Student resides in Mississippi, is enrolled in either the tenth or eleventh grade of an accredited Mississippi secondary school, and has not attended a previous session of The Mississippi Governor's School.
  2. Student has the ability, maturity, desire and willingness to cope successfully with advanced academic concepts, materials, and activities.
  3. Student has a positive attitude toward the exploration of new and/or different concepts and areas of study including leadership, personal growth, and recreation.
  4. Student can adjust to being away from home for an extended period of time and is committed to participate in the full three week program (including weekend activities).

Performance Qualifications for the Mississippi Governor's School

Applicants are required to have achieved at least one* of the following:

  1. Composite score of 120 or above on an individual IQ test, or
  2. A gifted eligibility ruling based on the state of Mississippi regulations for gifted education participated in a gifted program), or
  3. Top 10% of class, or
  4. Composite score of 25 or above on the ACT (sophomores only may substitute PLAN scores), or
  5. Selection index of 175 or above on the PSAT, or
  6. Score of 1700 or above on the SAT, or
  7. Documentation of Specific Academic Aptitude (beyond age-peers),
  8. Documentation of Creative or Productive Thinking Ability at an advanced level (beyond age peers), or
  9. Documentation of Leadership Ability at an advanced level (beyond age-peers), or
  10. Documentation of Fine and/or Performing Arts at an advanced level (beyond peers).

Documentation is required for each qualification used in the application. Please be sure to attach the documentation for each qualification. You may choose to combine into one document to attach(PDF preferred), or to attach each piece of documentation separately.

Specific Documentation (or commentary from a professional) for any of the items g - j must be provided to demonstrate ability beyond peers.

*Applicants need meet only one of the performance qualifications; however, if multiple qualifications are available, please include all relevant information and qualifications in the application.

Note: Only applications that are complete and submitted by the due date will be considered. (An application form is not considered complete unless it contains ALL the information requested in parts A - C. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that official documentation has been completed by the school counselor or administrator.


1100 College Street Columbus, MS 39701phone: 662.329.4750 or 877.462.8439