Honors College Curriculum

Honors College courses include:

HO 101: Honors Forum (1 credit hour). This course features selected readings, guest lectures, films, performances, and group discussions of current issues and problems. Honors students must take four semesters of this course, preferably in their freshman and sophomore years. Centennial and Honors Scholars must take 4 semesters in their freshman and sophomore years.

HO 101 Syllabus, Spring 2016

HO 303: Special Topics Seminar (2 credit hours). These interdisciplinary seminars are taught by faculty from across campus, and their topics vary from semester to semester.  Honors students must take two of these seminars, preferably in their junior year. Centennial and Honors Scholars take two sections of HO 303 in an intensive format during their required study abroad program after the sophomore year. (The honors study abroad program is open to all honors students on a space-permitting basis.)

HO 401: Independent Study (3 credit hours). This faculty-supervised reading course is for junior or senior honors students. The readings are intended to prepare the student to undertake an independent research project in Independent Study II.  To receive credit for HO 401, a research proposal written by the student must be approved by the student’s Project Committee.

HO 401 Syllabus, Spring 2016


HO 402: Independent Study II (3 credit hours). This faculty-supervised course is taken after the completion of HO 401. Credit for this course is given when the student completes an independent research project. No credit is given for this course until the student presents an acceptable oral report and submits an acceptable paper based on the guidelines approved by the Honors Faculty Committee and the Project Committee.

HO 402 Syllabus, Spring 2016




Four-Year Curriculum

Freshmen entering the Gordy Honors College must complete a general education curriculum consisting of three honors sections of general education courses and one year of a foreign language. Qualifying general education courses include honors sections of English Composition 101 and 102, History of Civilization I and II, American History I and II, Biology I and II, calculus-based physics I, calculus-based physics II, and any math at or above pre-calculus. Participants in the Residential Honors Program may take more and different general education honors courses. 

Students in the four-year honors curriculum also take four semesters of HO 101 Honors Forum, two semesters of HO 303 Special Topics Seminar, HO 401 Independent Study I, and HO 402 Independent Study II.

Recommended Curriculum Timetable for Entering Freshmen

Semester 1
HO 101 Honors Forum
Honors Core Course

Semester 2
HO 101 Honors Forum
Honors Core Course

Semester 3
HO 101 Honors Forum
Honors Core Course
Foreign Language

Semester 4
HO 101 Honors Forum
Foreign Language

Semester 5
HO 303 Special Topics Seminar

Semester 6
HO 303 Special Topics Seminar

Semester 7
HO 401 Independent Study I

Semester 8
HO 402 Independent Study II

Individual cases may vary. Participants in the Residential Honors Program may follow a different schedule their first two years. Contact the Honors Director for more information.


Transfer Curriculum

Transfer students admitted to the Gordy Honors College must fulfill the following curriculum: 

  • two semesters of foreign language (this must be of the same language and may be transfer credit)

  • two semesters of HO 303 Special Topics Seminar

  • HO 401 Independent Study I

  • HO 402 Independent Study II

Transfer members are also strongly encouraged to take at least one semester of HO 101 Honors Forum.


GPA Requirements

The Honors College expects participants to maintain high GPAs. All honors students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.00. Students entering HO 401 Independent Study must have a GPA of at least 3.30. If a student falls below the required cumulative GPA at the end of a given semester, the Director of the Honors College will put that student on honors probation for one semester. If, by the end of the subsequent semester in which the student is enrolled at MUW, the student does not have the required cumulative GPA, the student will be dismissed from the Honors College. The student will receive written notification from the Director of Honors at the beginning of the probation period and at the time of dismissal.


Additional Requirements for Centennial and Honors Scholars

See Scholarships and Grants for more program and GPA requirements for Centennial and Honors Scholars.


Leaving Honors

Members wishing to leave the Honors College should schedule an exit interview with the Director and sign a form stating this status.