Honors Students

Honors Student Advisory Council, 2015-2016

Brianna Warner, President
Tyler Cutrer, Vice President
Winnie Clegg, Secretary
Ashmita Bhandari, Treasurer
Olivia Trammel, Senior Representative
Kimberly Heath, Junior Representative
Gabby Lestrade, Sophomore Representative
TBD, Freshman Representative
Brittney Noble, Mentor (ex-officio)

Honors Faculty Committee

Dr. Kim Whitehead, Interim Director, Ina E. Gordy Honors College (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Dr. Dorothy Berglund, Education and Human Sciences
Dr. Shelley H. Bock, Education and Human Sciences
Dr. Nora Corrigan, Arts and Sciences
Dr. Amber Handy, Arts and Sciences
Dr. Ghanshyam Heda, Arts and Sciences
Dr. Andrew Luccassan, Business and Professional Studies
Dr. Linda Mahoney, Education and Human Sciences
Dr. Bridget Pieschel, Honors Faculty Member
Dr. Barry Smith, Arts and Sciences
Mr. Alex Stelioes-Wills, Arts and Sciences
Ms. Laura Beth Turner, Nursing and Speech Language Pathology