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Scholarships & Grants

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There are two scholarships directly attached to the Gordy Honors College. Each requires participation in the Gordy Honors College and completion of the honors curriculum. Failure to remain a member in good standing of the Honors College or a required program will result in forfeiture of the scholarship. These scholarships are:

Centennials Scholars: This is the highest level of scholarship offered by The W and is a very competitive scholarship. Interested individuals should participate in either the fall or spring Award Recognition Day to be considered. Centennial Scholars are required to be members of the Residential Honors Program.

Honors Scholars: A very competitive scholarship, individuals interested in being an Honors Scholar should participate in either the fall or spring Award Recognition Day to be considered. Honors Scholars are required to be members of the Residential Honors Program.

Grants & Support for Undergraduate Research

Members in good standing of the Gordy Honors College may apply for grants to support their senior honors projects. The grants typically support one of the following: equipment needed to complete the project, travel to archives or libraries needed for research, travel to conferences to present research. Grant requests should be sent in hard copy to the Honors College office (W-599). They may also be turned in at the office. Each grant request should include the following:

  • Full student information including name, major, contact information, current GPA, and anticipated graduation date.
  • Complete description of the grant project. This should include why the particular equipment, travel, etc. is required to complete your research.
  • A section explaining requested grant funding. This should include a worksheet of expenses and a brief explanation of each expense.
  • The request should include any necessary supporting materials-for example a letter indicating your acceptance to the conference for which you are seeking funding.

Rules for Grants

Grants must be received 14 days prior to the activity for which support is being sought. All grants must be received before the activity, purchase, etc. for which support is being sought. All grants are treated as reimbursements for expenses already paid. Students can not be given cash advances. Upon completion of the activity, purchases, etc. the grantee must turn in a grant completion report and all necessary receipts. This must be done within 14 days of the completion of the activity. If equipment or other items are bought for a project they become the property of the Gordy Honors College upon completion of the project and must be turned over to the Honors College. The exception to this rule is if an item is used up during the course of the project. Students must exhaust other avenues of funding before applying for an Honors College grant, and they may be asked to demonstrate this point.

Other Support for Honors Students

Honors students may ask for support from the Gordy Honors College with other academic activities such as participation in the summer Honors study abroad. The Honors College supports student participation at the regional and national conferences of the National Collegiate Honors Council. The Honors College also provides opportunities on campus for members of the Honors College to attend cultural events for free. In addition, the Honors College supports social events, meeting with speakers, attendance at special events, and book purchases for the The W's Common Reading Initiative.

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