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First, I love how much time everyone took to come up with wonderful (and sometimes hilarious) names!  This robot will truly be beloved part of The W.  

Here are the top names, with the explanations from their submitters.  We will be voting until Sunday April 30th at 9:00pm.  Please follow this link to find the voting form.

  • Athena:“[Greek] Goddess of wisdom--and she has an owl!”
  • BookerT: “noted author and educator… founding numerous schools throughout the rural South.” 
  • Bubo: “In Greek mythology, Bubo* was the robotic owl that Athena made for herself when her owl died...we have a robot and we are the owls” (*Note: There were not actually robots in mythology, and Athena's owl did not have a name---BUT Bubo the robotic owl IS in the movie Clash of the Titans...)
  • Eudora: “Eudora Welty was and is still a critical part of MUW history. An outspoken civil rights activist and skilled photographer, Welty is the embodiment of MUW philosophy.” And “Because Eudora Welty was a Southern literary giant”
  • Minerva: “Roman goddess of wisdom who favored owls, like her Greek counterpart Athena. Minerva is associated with wisdom, arts, handicrafts, trade, and strategy, which seems more appropriate for a university library than Athena's war and wisdom combo.”
  • ODYssa: “...like Ody the school mascot”
  • Sallie: “After Sallie Reneau who originally campaigned for the college to be founded in the 1860s” and “”So that The W's earliest champion can continue to bring knowledge to our students for generations to come ... this time, in robot form.”

Hilarious Mentions:

  • Booky McBookface
  • Devour Knowledge: “I have seen this robot from afar, and it looks like it likes to devour knowledge!”
  • Gingko Grabber
  • Holden: “Because it’s holden’ those books”
  • Owl Get That: “Because....owls.”
  • Reddit: “I like puns. If the robot was named Reddit, it would be like the robot is recommending books.…The robot has a sassy voice in my imagination”
  • Wobot

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