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Ody OwlThe W will have an official spirit day, thanks to an online campaign led by the university’s mascot, Ody Owl.


After weeks of campaigning and full week of voting, “W Wednesday” was the overwhelming choice for the spirit day.

The movement sprang from a post on Ody’s official Facebook page. “I think we need a Spirit Day each week. A W Blue Day. A day when the entire Long Blue Line, all around the world, wears W Blue to support OUR university!”

From there, the choices narrowed pretty quickly to Wednesday or Friday.

“Let's make ‘W’ednesday our W Blue Day each week,” Katy Canion Pacelli, Alumni Association board member, posted on Facebook.

Campaigning began immediately, with The W’s University Relations submitting a picture of their staff in matching W Blue on Wednesday.  That was followed up by a photo from a group of Jackson alums in blue on Wednesday as well.

On the flipside, supporters of a W Blue Friday said they’d be able dress down and wear blue T-shirts and jeans on Fridays.

The owl put the two options up for a vote.

After a week of voting among students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members the vote was overwhelming; 81 percent had voted for W Wednesday.

“W Wednesday will serve as a rallying point; a visual representation of the Long Blue Line,” says Dr. Jim Borsig.

The university will recognize W Wednesday as a weekly event to encourage all members of the Long Blue Line to stand up and represent The W.

“Participants would not necessarily have to dress-down for the event,” adds Maridith Geuder, executive Director of University Relations, “most professionals have a blue suit, blouse, or tie that they can wear to show their support of The W.”

This fall will mark the 30th anniversary of the first appearance of the Ody Owl mascot on campus.  Ody is named for Emma ‘Ody’ Pohl, head of the physical education department for 45 years.



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