COLUMBUS, Miss. – This Saturday, Mississippi University for Women will graduate its first master of science in global commerce student—Savannah Tubbs of Pascagoula.


The purpose of the master of science in global commerce program is to prepare graduates to manage global business operations to the benefit and competitive advantage of companies across the region. The program seeks a multidisciplinary approach to provide unique instructional opportunities in all elements of global commerce.

Tubbs, who was born and raised on the Gulf Coast, started at The W in 2010 to obtain her general business degree and in 2013 entered the university’s online global commerce program . Her area of focus was the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an area she chose because her fiancé’s father is from that area.

“Attending The W for my bachelor's degree allowed me to get to know my professors and helped to establish a familiarity that would allow me to work comfortably with the faculty in launching this program,” she said.

Throughout the program Tubbs received support from graduate faculty members.  “Everyone on the faculty recognizes the importance of communication, and their dedication to the success of the program was evident,” she said.

Tubbs explained that there is such complexity to understanding what goes into establishing and being a part of an international company. She believes it takes a determined person to succeed in dealing with differences that can occur from one country or region to another in cultural aspects, laws, regulations, negotiations and overall business conduct.

“With this degree and the knowledge that I gained from this entire process, as well as my capacity for cultural empathy and adaptation, I am prepared to be successful in the international business sector,” she said.

Tubbs currently works at a bank on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As a student at The W, she was the recipient of the Haas Outdoors/Mossy Oak Outstanding Student in Global Commerce and served as president of the university’s TVA Investment Club.

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Aug. 1, 2014
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