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Department of Baccalaureate Nursing

BSN StudentThe Bachelor of Science in  Nursing Program prepares a nurse generalist who is a leader in the promotion and maintenance of health and the improvement of health care outcomes across all settings at the local, state, national, and global levels.

The department offers to two tracks:  A Generic Option designed for complete as part of a 4-year degree plan, and an Advanced Placement Option designed for registered nurses who are interested in advancing their careers.


Two Options:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Generic Option

The Baccalaureate Program in Nursing is designed to prepare a nurse generalist who exercises leadership in the prevention of illness and promotion of health as a member of the community and professional nursing and as an agent of change who helps to bring about modifications of nursing practice to meet emerging health needs.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN/BSN Advanced Placement Option

If you are a registered nurse who is interested in a baccalaureate program in nursing, The W's College of Nursing & Speech-Language Pathology has an Advanced Placement Option that is designed just for you.

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Dept. of Baccalaureate Nursing

Dr. Tammie McCoy

Martin Hall
Phone: (662) 329-7301

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