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The mission of Mississippi University for Women’s Office of Outreach & Innovation is to facilitate collaboration, innovation, and outreach between the university and the community. We strive to identify, create, and support lifelong learning opportunities through quality programming that addresses personal and professional development goals of individuals and organizations. Operating with that in mind, Outreach & Innovation extends the resources of Mississippi University for Women to the community at large by enabling students of every type to achieve personal goals, and to improve their organizations, their communities, and their quality of life.

Outreach Programs

Sowing for Success

COLUMBUS, Miss. – Annunciation Catholic School (ACS) will expand its garden and incorporate gardening into the classroom experience thanks to $5,000 made possible through Mississippi University for Women’s Passport to Wellness initiative.

The Passport to Wellness initiative is funded by, and in partnership with, the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. The “Sowing for Success” program was announced in January as ACS kicked off Catholic Schools Week.

Nichole Cancellare, who has children that attend ACS and is a student in The W’s Culinary Arts Institute, was instrumental in acquiring the funding for “Sowing for Success.” She and another parent currently maintain seven small garden beds at the school that contain broccoli, carrots and herbs. “We want to expand it and integrate gardening into the classrooms so each class has an opportunity to work in the garden,” she said.

ACS Principal Joni House said, “We want to make our school and community healthier. This program will help us achieve those goals.”

The Passport to Wellness initiative at The W is in partnership with the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. The initiative works to educate participants about healthy lifestyle habits, including nutrition and physical activity.

The initiative serves the Columbus and Lowndes County communities.

Santee Johnson, Passport to Wellness project manager, said, “’Sowing for Success’ will educate students on the importance of gardening, cooking and eating healthy. We are excited to see how Annunciation’s garden will continue to grow as well as their wonderful students.”

Johnson added that the deadline for garden applications is Friday, March 10th. The program is open to all Golden Triangle schools and community centers. Please visit http://www.muw.edu/images/outreach/passport/Request-for-Proposals.pdf for details about the program.

“The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation is committed to supporting our state’s colleges, universities and schools in their efforts to develop programs that provide opportunities for students of all ages to learn the importance of healthy lifestyle habits,” said Sheila Grogan, executive director of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. “Teaching students about gardening and the benefits of growing healthy food will provide a foundation for healthy eating habits they can carry into adulthood.”

The Passport to Wellness initiative at Mississippi University for Women is in partnership with the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation is committed to supporting

Mississippi's universities and colleges in implementing healthy eating and exercise initiatives that extend from the campus to the local communities and schools. Learn more about the work of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation at www.healthiermississippi.org.

Feb. 8, 2017
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Passport to Wellness

Be A Healthier You

Passport to Wellness addresses the problem of unhealthy lifestyle choices relating to diet and physical activity. The program operates within Columbus/Lowndes County to serve the residents of our community. We host a series of educational and community events emphasizing health and wellness will take place throughout the year. Passport to Wellness is made possible through a grant from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation



Life Enrichment Program

Live Life to the Fullest

The Life Enrichment Program (LEP) offers intellectually stimulating non-credit courses for adults in the greater Columbus area who share a love of learning and/or teaching. Courses cover a wide range of subjects and are designed to meet the physical, intellectual, and social needs of the participants.



Professional Learning Academy

Help Advance Your Career

The W offers many opportunities for enhancing your professional career. Earn a professional certificate or continuing education units. Certificates available for Workforce Development and Community Organizations. Continuing Education courses for K-12 educators and Public Health professionals. The W is a leader in affordable online learning opportunities. Prepare yourself for an new career or enhance your resume today!