Earn CECHs at The W

Continuing Education for Certified Health Education Specialists

Mississippi University for Women has been granted approval as a multiple event provider of continuing education contact hours (CECH) for Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)/Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. 

Each six-week course earns 20 CECHS with some courses earning advanced level (see below). Registration per course is $65.00 and is non-refundable.  The registration fee includes your CECH certificate. Basic computer skills and high speed internet are required.

Courses currently offered:

Active Classroom: Participants will learn about the positive relationship between physical activity and learning and how to incorporate physical activity in the teaching of academic subjects.

Basics of Human Resources: This course provides various facets of human resources, with a focus on small business.

Basics of Nutrition: Participants will learn the tools needed to create healthy eating patterns and how to incorporate this routine in daily food choices.

Collaboration in the Workplace: Participants will learn how to establish shared goals or vision in all areas of your life.

Communication in the Workplace: Participants will evaluate their current communication skills and determine areas of growth.

Conflict Resolution (Advanced Level Credits Available): Participants will learn more about conflict and how to confront and manage difficult situations with confidence.

Developing Emotional Intelligence: Participants will learn what EI is and how they can develop it in themselves and others to improve relationships reduce stress and achieve great levels of happiness.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: Participants will learn the qualities of an emotionally intelligent leader and how to increase their capacity to lead.

Fostering a Healthy Classroom: Participants will gain a foundational knowledge of health and they will learn strategies to encourage health in their classroom.

Introduction to Sexual Health Education in Mississippi: Public Schools in Mississippi are required to teach sexual health education within secondary education. An introduction to the overall goals and objectives of sexual health education, as well as, an understanding of the different types of sexual health education allowed within the state of Mississippi helps educators become more prepared to teach a course in sexual health education. Participants will develop an understanding of the goal and objectives of sexual health education within secondary schools, the different types of sexual health education in Mississippi and the current terminology associated with sexual health education.

Leadership and Effective Use of Community Partnerships (Advanced Level Credits Available): Leaders of the community will develop strategies for developing and maintain healthy partnerships.

Leadership and Generational Differences in the Workplace (Advanced Level Credits Available): Leaders will understand generational differences that affect work styles and explore how to use practices to improve the work environment.

Leadership Models and Paradigms: Leaders will analyze high-impact leadership models and paradigms which can be used to meet the demands from escalating changes in society and the workplace.

Making a Bully-Free Zone: Participants will learn about the different types of bullying and prevention techniques to help those at risk.

Multi-Cultural Aspects of Sexual Health Education: Various cultures throughout the world view the teachings of sexual health education as informative, preventative, or even taboo. Teachers have students from all racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, therefore, approaching the topics within sexual health education can become a difficult task. This course will explore the various cultural aspects of sexual health education that teachers will encounter with their culturally diverse students. They will also be able to learn ways in which they can address obstacles and concerns from varying cultural diversities. Participants will learn how to address cultural aspects of sexual health education and varying issues of concern that are most common when teaching sexual health education to diverse groups of students.

Strategic Management (Advanced Level Credits Available): This course is about strategic management—the excitement and challenge of providing the vision, developing the mission, and implementing the strategic intent for organizations.

Teaching Safe Sex Practices in the Classroom: Numerous forms of contraceptives are available to reduce unplanned pregnancy. Additional barrier methods are available to prevent the transmission of STI’s through sexual behavior. Teaching contraceptives and barrier methods in Mississippi can be difficult given the laws preventing demonstration. Learning skills to properly educate students on these topics is key to reducing unplanned pregnancy and STI rates. Participants will be able to identify different forms of contraceptives used for both STI preventing and pregnancy prevention and learn skills needed to properly educate students on using contraceptives to reduce unplanned pregnancy and STI transmission.

Using Personality Types to Enhance Leadership Skills in the Workplace: Leaders will develop strategies for effectively collaborating with coworkers by using knowledge of personality types.