Ody Owl

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Ody is looking for you!

Don't make Ody sad. Register now for Fall 2016 and let Ody know you'll be back soon!


1. Get your RAP from your advisor.

Don't have your RAP?

Don't Worry. Call your College or the Student Success Center to be advised!

College of Education & Human Sciences (662) 329-7175

College of Nursing & Speech-Language Pathology (662) 329-7299

College of Arts & Sciences (662) 329-7386

College of Business & Professional Studies (662) 329-7152



Student Success Center (662) 329-7138


2. Log into Banner Web.


3. Register for classes! It's easy!

(Here's instructions if you need help!)


Not A W Student Yet?

That's OK too! Have a chat with our admissions team to learn how you can join the Long Blue Line!

Visit the Admissions Office

4. Tweet! "@OdyOwl I've Registered! See You in the Fall!"

Ody doesn't have fingers, but is really good at Twitter! We don't know how. We don't ask.


5. Remind your friends to register for classes too!