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Scotland Forever

Edinburgh, Scotland

Trip Details:

Dates: May 20, 2015 - June 2015

Anticipated Departure from Columbus, GTR

Estimated Cost:  $5000

Edinburgh Program Schedule

HO 303 Biography of a City - Edinburgh Syllabus

HO 303 Modern Scottish Society and Culture Syllabus

MUW will make flight arrangements for all participants. All participants will travel on the same flights.  Individuals must make arrangements to be picked up at the airport upon arrival back in the USA.


A Edinburgh bus pass will be provided to each student.  This is good for unlimited travel on buses within the city for the duration of the program. Transportation will also be provided to and from the airport in Edinburgh.  Transportation will also be provided for any trips within Scotland that are part of this program. It is anticipated that there will be 2-3 trips outside of Edinburgh as part of this program. Students are responsible for all other transportation and any discretionary trips.

Students need to be aware that Europeans walk much more than Americans. It is typical for a walk of a mile or more to be considered normal. Students should be prepared to walk several miles per day.


Students will live in central Edinburgh at #2 Chester Street.

This townhouse is within easy walking distance to most Edinburgh attractions. It include a kitchen that students may use to prepare meals. Basic cooking utensils are provided. Towels are not provided. 

Once the flight is confirmed, the flight deposit will become the accommodation deposit. The total amount ($200) will be returned if the apartment is left clean and without any damage. Individuals are jointly responsible for the condition of their apartment. Any damage must be reported prior to departure.

Orientation and Excursions

We will have an "area orientation" on the afternoon of May 21st. In addition to getting acquainted with the area around the apartment and the instructional facilities, students will receive a tour of the city.  A question and answer session will be held as well as an introductory session for each course. It is anticipated that several excursions and events will be held as part of the program.  These include a welcome dinner, attendance at a traditional Scottish Ceilidh, hill walking in the Pentland Hills or the Hermitage, a visit to a distillery, a day trip to the Scottish borders, and a trip to Glasgow. These events will be determined once final budget is determined.

Students will have access to the National Library of Scotland, University of Edinburgh Library, Edinburgh Central Library, and the National Archives of Scotland for use in their classes.  In order to use these facilities students will need: an application, which will be filled out on site or online, a photo i.d. (passport) and current address. The NLS will want details about research that requires use of the NLS instead of another library. Edinburgh University library will want to see current university i.d, so students should be take their MUW i.d. The NLS and University will issue short-term reader's tickets that will permit access during the program.  Like the NLS, the NAS will want to know details of material students need to consult there that is not available elsewhere. All three places have good websites and online catalogues so students can prepare their consultation requirements in advance.

National Library of Scotland
National Archives of Scotland
Scottish National Dictionary
Edinburgh Central Library (and other city libraries)

The Edinburgh Central Library, across the street from the NLS, is an open public library and students will also be able to use it. As you probably know there are good Scottish and Edinburgh resources at Central.

Classes typically meet Monday-Thursday.  Students will have time to explore Edinburgh, Scotland, and travel.  All such expenses are the responsibility of the student. Students leaving Edinburgh are asked to tell a faculty member or mentor where they are going, when they will be leaving and returning, and, if possible where they will be staying in the city they are visiting.

Payment Information

The fee for this program is projected to be $5000. The fee may go down depending on exchange rates and the pricing of various elements of the trip.  This fee includes:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Transport fees to and from the airport in Edinburgh
  • Travel Insurance
  • Educational fees
  • Self-catering Accommodations
  • Travel pass in Edinburgh
  • Group meals
  • All program activities, excursions, and travel

Not included:

  • meals (individual)
  • passport fees
  • personal expenses and spending money
  • textbooks
  • anything not specified as included in this program

Payments and Schedule

October 1 
$200 deposit is due to comptroller. Signed copy of the repayment agreement is due to the Honors Office.

October 7
Mandatory Orientation Meeting, 6pm, Painter 113.  Ben Nevis Project meeting to follow.

October 17
Students with Centennial and Honors scholarships must arrange for the first installments of their scholarship funds. This will be $2500.

November 1
A copy of a valid passport for each student must be on file at the Honors College Office.

December 1
All other students must must make their first installment of $2500 to the Comptroller's Office.

Feb. 1
The final installment is due at the Comptroller's Office. Centennial Scholars & Honors Scholars must sign over the other half of their study abroad stipend. Honors Scholars must pay the remainder the program fee not covered by their scholarship. All other students will be responsible for the amount not covered by the anticipated study abroad grant from the Gordy Honors College.

Deposits and Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for any deposits made on their behalf as well as any program cost made for them should they withdraw for any reason or be declared ineligible for the program. Please read the repayment agreement carefully before signing it.



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