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    A Heart for Healing
    A Heart for Healing

    One alum's groundbreaking research
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  • Future Investments

    At the age of 4, Phebe Davis fell in love with music after seeing “The Phantom of the Opera.” So, when the Montana resident learned she had a full scholarship to study pre-law at an Ivy League school, she did what felt natural--declined the offer and pursued her passion for music.

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    Vikrant Gautam or Dalton Parker never imagined they would be extorted in the midst of their final exam. Fortunately, the extortion only cost them a few extra pieces of chocolate and Star Wars stickers and was a scenario built into their epic finale crafted by their instructor Dr. Kristi DiClemente, visiting assistant professor of history at The W.

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    Creating a poem in 140 characters. Writing in an electronic medium with hyperlinks that take the reader to non-linear stories. These are some of the ways in which 11 graduate students in the university’s new MFA in creative writing are expanding their skills, their thinking, and their professional prospects.

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It is an honor and pleasure to serve as this year's President of the MUW Alumni Association.


Sherrie CooperWhat an exciting time for our now unified Association and for the University we love! For nearly 125 years, "The Long Blue Line" has allowed W alums to support our beloved institution, and today that is more important than ever.

In thinking about what I would like to say to you, the women and men who, like me, are products of this amazing institution, what seems most important is to encourage you to reconnect – to other alums, to the Alumni Association and to today's MUW. I once said that coming back to Homecoming was the closest thing to time travel I ever expected to experience in my lifetime. And Homecoming 2013 was an epiphany for me. Coming back to the campus, walking where I walked as a college student, sharing stories of our W days with alums, and speaking with current students, I was reminded of those things that are universal about The W experience. I realized that "my" MUW and "their" now co-educational MUW are the same place, just as MSCW grew from the II&C. And that no matter how much is different, what has not changed is the strength of the bond we feel for this special place. Serving on the Board of Directors for the MUWAA has given me the opportunity to take part in the important task of establishing the framework for the ways in which alumni and the Alumni Association can support The W now and into the future. I am absolutely certain that by working together we can ensure that tomorrow's successes match and even surpass all the achievements of the past.

It is no doubt that attending The W shaped the course of the rest of my life. I loved my time as a "W girl," and it seems unbelievable it was only four short years! The lessons learned, the experience gained, the amazing friendships all spark an enthusiasm for giving back to this university. As I said at Homecoming during the "passing of the gavel," my primary goal this year is for W alums to reconnect to the university through membership in the Alumni Association and through a re-energized network of local Alumni Chapters, both formal and informal.

By becoming an Active Member of the MUW Alumni Association and coming together with W alums in your local community, I believe that like me, you will reconnect with all the reasons you chose to attend The W. You will want to support your W through volunteerism and by giving financially. In doing so, you will help others to experience the W too.

I encourage you to get involved in the MUWAA and to enhance your connection with The W this year. Contact the Alumni Office (662-329-7295) to find out about activities in your area. If there's not a local chapter, get your W friends together and get started reconnecting.

Remember, where two or more are gathered…that's a W alumni meeting!

In hopes of seeing you this year,

Cheryl "Sherrie" Jackson Cooper
Class of 1982
MUW Alumni Association