Engaged StudentsCOLUMBUS, Miss. -- In a national survey designed to gauge the level of engagement in effective educational practices, students at Mississippi University for Women report high levels of confidence in their academic preparation.


The National Survey of Student Engagement, released Nov. 14, assesses students’ perceptions of their development, as well as their overall satisfaction with the institution. The W was one of 568 bachelor’s degree-granting colleges and universities participating in NSSE in spring 2013.  Nearly 335,000 first-year and senior students participated. 

Compared to peers at similar institutions, students at The W reported significantly higher engagement in areas that included higher-order learning, discussions with diverse others, effective teaching practices, a supportive environment and quality of interactions.

“In this survey, our students reflect what we believe to be the unique experience of The W,” said President Jim Borsig.  “Our faculty and staff are providing the highest caliber of academic experience in a supportive environment that nurtures individual growth.”

In specific areas reviewed by seniors:

  • 84 percent said The W had “very much” or “quite a bit” improved their thinking critically and analytically;
  • 80 percent said they had learned to work effectively with others;
  • 79 percent said they had learned to write clearly and effectively;
  • 76 percent said they had acquired job- or work-related knowledge and skills;
  • 75 percent said they had learned to speak clearly and effectively.

In addition, when rating satisfaction with their experience at The W, more than 90 percent of freshmen and nearly 90 percent of seniors said their experience was “excellent” or “good.”

“Considering the high percentage of our students who are first-generation college students, we are especially pleased with these results,” Borsig said.  “The survey validates that we are providing important access for Mississippians who seek a pathway to higher education.”