COLUMBUS, Miss.—Mississippi University for Women is joining a national campaign developed by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities to call attention to the accessibility, affordability and quality of education provided by state colleges and universities.


Titled “Opportunities for All,” the campaign focuses on the outstanding academic opportunities provided by state educational institutions, as well as their commitment to each student and to the needs of the local community, region and state.

“The campaign perfectly captures the strengths and the messages of The W, and we are proud to join others in emphasizing the return on investment provided by our state educational institutions,” said President Jim Borsig. “This campaign in particular calls attention to the opportunities for non-traditional and first generation students, an important area of opportunity for Mississippi,” he added.

“We place students at the heart of all we do at The W, and we are able to focus on excellence in teaching that also offers students personal interaction with their professors.”

Committed to increasing the number of baccalaureate degrees, The W maintains the highest degree completion ratio among all of Mississippi’s public universities. The university has seen a 22 percent increase in undergraduate degrees from 2011-16 and a 49 percent increase in degrees conferred to African-Americans. Fulfilling a healthcare need in the state, The W has seen seen a 206 percent increase in bachelor of science in nursing degrees during the same period.