Michael Farris SmithCOLUMBUS, Miss. – Online, bookstores, and now airports are the latest location where Michael Farris Smith’s debut novel “Rivers” can be purchased.


Hudson Booksellers, the airports’ No. 1 bookseller, recently announced its Best Books of 2013 with “Rivers” being named in the Best Fiction category. “Rivers” is an apocalyptic love story set on the Mississippi Gulf Coast after a series of devastating storms.

The retailer has 70 full-service bookstores and more than 400 Hudson News newsstands in airports and transportation terminals throughout North American and sells books online.

Information about the “Best Books” is available in Hudson stores from mid-November through the holiday book buying season. Most of the books will be displayed and discounted in all Hudson Booksellers and large Hudson News stores, starting Nov. 18.

In response to the accolades the book continues to receive, Smith, associate professor of English at The W, said, “I’m very happy. It’s exciting to know people are responding to `Rivers’ the way they have. Once you release a book to the public it’s not really yours anymore.

“It’s been wonderful to see how it has been accepted by readers and booksellers.”