Dare. Dream. Achieve. You’ve seen those words in many of The W’s publications recently. Having had the privilege of being on the campus for many events lately, I’ve seen that these are not just words in a marketing campaign.

I attended the convocation for “Those Who Dared,” honoring the first African- American women to attend The W. I heard Laverne Greene Leech tell of how 50 years ago she sat in the same auditorium where the convocation was held as a young girl daring to make a change. I heard the stories of the rest of the “Fabulous Six” as well. They did not set out to change the world, they simply dared to take advantage of the opportunities in their midst. If all searched for and took advantage of the many opportunities in our midst we would indeed change our worlds as well!

In August, I was on campus to talk to this year’s group of freshmen and transfer students about traditions. I joined them as they marched to serenade the seniors at the President’s home. We sang class songs and “Hail to Thee.” We circled up and sang “Friends.” Even though it seems like last week, it was 30 years ago that I was marching and singing. This group was much like my freshman class – silly, laughing, a little scared and most of all, dreaming of what will happen these next four years and beyond. Golden Days, indeed!

I also got to attend summer commencement. This particular commencement was a testament to the nursing program and just how vital it is to The W and to our communities. We all know that a degree from The W is most definitely an achievement, and a W nursing degree is definitely well earned!

Even if today’s students are not doing the exact same things we did as students, they are still doing the important things – daring, dreaming and achieving. As alumni, it is important that we continue to do the same. We need each of you to become an active member of your Alumni Association. Make a gift to the Foundation. Join a chapter. If you are a nursing major, join our newly formed Nursing Alumni Chapter. If you have an idea for the Association, please let us know. We want, more than anything, to connect with you. We want to hear what you’ve dared, dreamed and achieved so far and we want to stand beside you and cheer you on as you dare, dream and achieve even more!

Best regards,
Deborah Hodges (’90)
MUW Alumni Association