Whether it’s “circling up” and singing “Friends,” sitting beneath the Gingko tree, shenanigans in Shattuck Hall (I’ve heard your stories!) or counting the chimes of Callaway’s clock, there are things that we all remember from our days at The W.

For one weekend in March, hundreds of alumni gather on campus to reminisce with old friends, laugh with new friends and honor the place that joins us together in the Long Blue Line. Walking across campus magically transports you back to those carefree college days. The friends you haven’t seen in years have not aged one day. It seems that you just saw each other in the Goose yesterday. Except, there are more of you. Some are older. Some are younger. Everyone has been transported back to their Golden Days. Then, the stories start. They may even be of the same event, just experienced years apart. Regardless, they are always told with smiles and twinkling eyes and lots and lots of giggles and even a few squeals. This only happens in one place and in one group – on the beautiful W campus with members of The Long Blue Line. I hope to hear your story this Homecoming!

I’ve been honored to serve as your Alumni Association president this year. I’ve had so many opportunities to see what is happening on campus. It’s all good! Sports are back. The library is not even finished and it’s stunning. The landscaping is perfect. Our programs remain nationally recognized. Our students are the brightest and the best. What I’ve noticed most, though, is that everyone I’ve spoken with, from students to professors to department chairs to bookstore employees to servers in the dining room love what they do and especially love The W. That’s the mark of a very special place!

I’d like to thank all of those who support the Alumni Association. Lyndsay Cumberland is truly the glue that holds this Association together. She is wise and organized and so very dedicated. Andrea Stevens is so gracious to us. She and her staff are always sure to make us welcome and are responsible for many things behind the scenes that we just take for granted as being simply the way The W does things. They work hard to make that so! We also enjoy the complete support of Dr. Borsig. He works tirelessly for The W and it shows. His leadership and dedication are examples from which we can all learn. The Association Board and committees are matchless in their dedication and talent. Nothing could be accomplished without them.

We would love to see more of you. Follow us on social media to keep up with all our activities. If you are not already, become an active member of our Association today. It’s as simple as contributing to the Foundation. The benefits received from the unique and special experience of a W education are priceless. Join me in paying them forward!

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to serve you this year. I can’t wait to see you at Homecoming! Hail to thee!

Best regards,
Deborah Hodges (’90)
MUW Alumni Association