Department of Sciences & Mathematics

Dr. Dionne Fortenberry, Chair

Dr. Dionne FortenberryWelcome to the Department of Sciences and Mathematics website. Our department includes the disciplines Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics as well as offering coursework in physics, environmental sciences, and microbiology. Excellent faculty and facilities provide students with a wide range of outstanding learning opportunities. The faculty is a strong and diverse group of individuals from across the United States and abroad who have chosen to teach at MUW because they truly love teaching and working with students.

The W provides a wide range of great opportunities in the Sciences and in Mathematics. I hope that you will take the time to learn more about both MUW and the Department of Sciences and Mathematics.

Questions related to the admission process can be directed to the Office of Admissions at (877) 462-8439 (toll free). If you have questions about Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics, please feel free to contact the department office at (662) 329-7376 or (877) 462-8439 ext. 7376 (toll free).

Dionne Fortenberry, Ph. D.
Department of Sciences & Mathematics
Mississippi University for Women