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Culinary Certificate Program

What is the Culinary Certificate Program?

The Culinary Arts Certificate Program at The W prepares participants for the culinary profession. Established in 1996, the Culinary Arts Institute provides interdisciplinary instruction in the culinary arts, emphasizing classic cooking techniques applied to small-quantity food preparation. In addition to a mastery of cooking skills and knowledge of food service, students also will prepare for employment and leadership in diverse areas of food. We invite you to create your own recipe for success with our Certificate Program in The Culinary Arts Institute at The W. Our program offers state-of-the art instruction at the only institution in Mississippi offering a major in culinary arts leading to the Bachelor of Science degree.



Fall 2018 Courses



Culinary Basics - SOLD OUT


September 22
9am - 1pm





Mexican Cuisine - SOLD OUT


September 29
9am - 1pm





Fall Deserts - SOLD OUT


October 20
9am - 1pm





Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen - SOLD OUT


November 3
9am - 1pm






Chef Mary HelenChef Mary Helen Hawkins
Chef Instructor & Certificate Program Coordinator

Culinary Arts Institute
Shattuck Hall
1100 College Street, MUW-1639
Columbus, MS 39701-5800
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662-241-7472 or 662-241-6286






Advantages of the Program

  1. MUW enrollment is not required.
  2. Hands-on training in a professional kitchen.
  3. Smaller classes - each class has up to 12 students.
  4. Classes offered on Saturdays.
  5. May take 1 class or all of the culinary classes.
  6. Take 7 classes to complete the culinary certificate.
  7. Program completion in 1 year.

Chopping Veggies

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Culinary Arts Institute

Chef Alexei Harrison

Shattuck Hall
Phone: (662) 241-7472
1-877-462-8439 ext. 7472
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