COLUMBUS, Miss. - Efficiencies implemented at Mississippi University for Women will enable the university to repurpose an older vacant building to be modernized and more environmentally friendly.

Turner Hall will feature 100 percent LED lighting throughout the building, high-efficiency HVAC systems and a building automation system to monitor energy efficiency and control HVAC systems. The building also will have motion sensors for lighting as well as sensors to control power outlets when the building is unoccupied.

A technologically advanced window film will be applied to the original windowpanes that will allow each window to perform as modern-day insulated glass windows would while maintaining the historic aesthetics of the building.

"We appreciate the partnership we have with TVA , Columbus Light and Water and the work that PryorMorrow has done to make this project eligible for EnergyRight Solutions' incentives. The completion of Turner Hall will provide the necessary space for us to meet the market demand for our Speech-Language Pathology programs," said Nora Miller, senior vice president for administration and chief financial officer at The W.

TVA's EnergyRight Solutions program encourages both homeowners and businesses to make smarter choices about energy use. The university's application to the TVA program was recently approved due to The W's new energy-saving and electrification efforts made during the design of Turner Hall, which is now under construction. As a result of the partnership with TVA, the W will receive $46,569 in incentives for their wise energy choices.

"We care about education and diversity, which makes working with this university to improve the learning environment special," said TVA Energy Right Solutions Vice President Cindy Herron. "The true value of public power is our ability to partner with Columbus Light and Water to implement programs that improve the communities and change people's lives in the Valley."

Construction on Turner Hall, formerly known as the Demonstration School, started in January of 2018. The $8.2 million expansion and complete renovation will provide room for growth of the Speech-Language Pathology program, Speech and Hearing Clinic and a large tiered auditorium-style classroom for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and other university programming.

PryorMorrow served as the architecture/engineering firm responsible for the design on Turner Hall while also acting as the liaison between the university and TVA to ensure all necessary documentation and calculations complied for the incentive process.

Ashley Weekly, engineer for PryorMorrow, said, "PryorMorrow fully supports the goals of The W to save energy and promote a sustainable future. We have designed a building that is not only efficient but intelligent."

Construction of Turner Hall is expected to be complete in July 2019. This project is funded from state general obligation bonds.

May 18, 2018
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