Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will this camp cost me?
    • The O.W.L.S. Camp is $40 per participant.
  2. How do I register a child?
    • In order for a child to be enrolled in camp, a parent or guardian will need to fully fill out the online registration form that includes: 1) student information; 2) parent/Guardian Information; 3) emergency contact form; 4) informed consent forms; 5) photo release form; and 6) medical information form.
    • A child is not fully enrolled to participate until the entire registration form is complete and the $40 registration fee is paid.
  3. Will there be an informational meeting prior to O.W.L.S. Camp?
    • Yes. A parent required information meeting will occur prior to camp. (date/time TBA)
    • The following items will be given out:
      • O.W.L.S. Camp t-shirt
      • O.W.L.S. Camp cinch sack
      • Wrist bands for easily identifying age, group color, and parent pick-up.
      • Identification sign to be displayed in car for quick and easy pick-up.
      • Parent newsletter
  4. How many children will be accepted to participate?
    • 16 3rd graders
    • 40 4th graders
    • 40 5th graders
  5. When will drop-off and pick-up be?
    • Drop off will be from 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. outside the Pohl Gymnasium
    • Pick up will be from 11:45 – 12:00 p.m. outside the Pohl Gymnasium
    • There will be a car line on 11th Street South for drop-off and pick-up.
    • Campus police will facilitate a safe zone for drop-off and pick-up.
  6. Where will the camp activities take place?
    • All activities will take place inside Pohl Gymnasium.
    • Snacks will be served outside under tents.
  7. What types of snacks will be provided?
    • Project CHEW (MUW Culinary Arts Institute) will be providing a healthy snack every day.
  8. Will participants have the opportunity to stay hydrated.
    • Participants are encouraged to bring a water bottle with their name easily visible.
    • There will be 4 water stations in the gym.
  9. What types of activities will my child participate in?
    • Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball
  10. Who will be conducting the camp activities?
    • MUW OWLS coaches and student athletes will be facilitating all the activities.
  11. When should my child(ren) wear the O.W.L.S. Camp t-shirt?
    • We request that all participants wear their camp t-shirt on the last day of camp for a group photo. However, participants are welcome to wear their t-shirt as often as they would like throughout the week.
  12. What type of shoes are allowed?
    • Participants must wear closed toe athletic shoes.
  13. How will EPI pens and/or an inhalers be handled? What about first aid?
    • All EPI pens and inhalers will be kept in a Ziploc bag with the child’s name.
    • The athletic trainer will keep all EPI pens and inhalers in the trainer room located in the gymnasium.
    • The athletic trainer will be onsite to handle all first aid situations.
  14. How will I be notified of any announcements?
    • A parent/guardian newsletter will be sent electronically every day using the email provided on registration form.
  15. What are the behavioral expectations?
    • Since this is a structured and educational recreation camp, youth are expected to treat each other, staff, camp equipment, and the public with respect. Our goal is to provide campers with a physically and emotionally safe atmosphere. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Physical bullying (i.e. pushing, hitting, fighting) and emotional bullying (i.e. name calling, teasing, put downs, racial/ethnic slurs) will not be tolerated. Remarks or physical contact of a sexual nature will not be tolerated. Behavior mentioned above will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the camp, whether it is directed towards other campers, camp staff, or the public. Campers that are the target of such behavior must inform camp staff of the incident immediately. Behavioral guidelines are to be followed at all times regardless of the location of the activities. If a child is expelled from camp, the child may not return to camp, and there will be no registration refunds. In cases where there are major behavioral issues, the below sequences will take place:


    1st Offense – Warning

    2nd Offense – Time Out

    3rd Offense – Expulsion (Parent Pick-Up)